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If you were wondering what the treatment is like… watch this short video!  It shows you the treatment you will be receiving in our office.


Explanation of the technology and how it works… 

UltraSlim® is the only noninvasive procedure for IMMEDIATE fat loss.

UltraSlim is a patented process whereby the body releases and voids the fat cell contents using only the energy of a special type of light and the body’s natural detoxification.

UltraSlim uses the safest noninvasive fat removal device, with no side effects or adverse outcomes.

Proven Results

Patients lose an average of 3.5″ and 1.6 liters of fat at each visit.

In multi-site clinical trials, UltraSlim was proven 100% effective for all patients. Losses at each visit ranged from 1 5/8″ and 24 fl. oz. to 10″ and 1.2 gallons of fat!

The average patient loses 3.5″ combined from the waist, hips, and thighs (1.6 liters) — and 98% of patients loses at least 2″ of fat at each visit!

Safest Technology

Ask your doctor if you qualify for UltraSlim.

UltraSlim is safer than any other body contouring technology. All other body contouring devices risk serious side effects and adverse outcomes (using cold, heat, ultrasound, R/F, or laser apoptosis).

UltraSlim Professional is the only body contouring medical device that is Risk Group 1, the safest category, along with tongue depressors.


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UltraSlim® is painless, non-invasive, and dramatically effective. We use a special type and dose of red light to shrink fat cells and produce collagen, which naturally results in smoother, younger-looking skin with reduced appearance of lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Increased elastin works with collagen to tighten the skin, for a younger, firmer appearance.

With only 32 minutes of treatment, ladies lose an average of 3.5” from their waist, hips, and thighs. Men lose an average of 3.5” from their chest and abdomen. In clinical trials recorded at ClinicalTrials.gov (NCT02867150), patients averaged 1.6 liters of fat loss at each treatment (Approx. 3.52 lbs). Over 98% of patients lost at least two inches of fat at each visit, and every patient lost at least 717cc of fat at each visit (1 5/8”).

UltraSlim® is the only technology for instant fat reduction. Other body contouring technologies kill fat cells with extreme cold, heat, radio waves, or ultrasound. Those cell-killing technologies take months to show results, which are underwhelming, and risk a long list of side effects and adverse outcomes. UltraSlim®  has instant results and no side effects.

The FDA has cleared the UltraSlim® device for body contouring (K160880) and skin treatments (K150336). The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded three patents and related patents are pending in 146 countries.